Receipts Reimagined

What is it?

WHOOSH is a collection of software tools which massively improves upon the traditional receipt. Using NFT technology, a simple software suite, and mobile phones, corresponding NFTs can be transfered to the buyer for each product purchased. All of these WHOOSH receipts can be stored in one wallet, making it easier to verify, track, resell, and return your products.

Why use it?

You run a business

  • Improve the authenticity of your products and kill counterfeit with blockchain-backed certificates of authenticity which holders can verifiy in-person
  • Capture royalties on secondary sales with programmable NFT receipts. Protect buyers from scams while increasing trust in your product and your brand.
  • Collect data about the trading history of each of your products. Make informed decisions by gathering data and profiting from secondary markets.
  • Cut costs by reducing and eventually removing paper receipts from your transactions. And help save the planet while you do it.

You're an NFT founder

  • How can you provide real-world benefits to your holders without a fast, secure and cheap way to verify holders while they stand infront of you IRL?
  • Provide products and merchandise to your holders which are linked to NFTs. They can use our mobile app to prove rightful ownership of these items.
  • Turn your NFT into much more than a PFP. With WHOOSH, your NFT is also a ticket to an event, a coupon for a store, or bragging rights at a party.
  • Your holders will gain access to all of this potential and more with a convenient scan of a QR Code or NFC tag via their mobile phone

Software Tools

WHOOSH Verifier

Prove ownership of your NFTs

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WHOOSH Enterprise

The tool founders and business use to verify holders

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WHOOSH Marketplace

The place to trade art and products linked to NFTs

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Integrate NFT linking into your existing store

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All of the NFT benefits

None of the crypto complexities

  • No exchanges
  • No wallets
  • No wire transfers
  • No stress
WHOOSH API and WHOOSH Marketplace will separate traders from the complexities of crypto while trading products on the marketplace Users will buy and sell with debit or credit and we will handle the rest.

Our Services

Holders use their NFT as a ticket to your event using our mobile app. Add your minting wallet and we generate an editable guest list for you. Cheap, easy, streamlined ticketing.


Marry NFTs to physical products using QR codes and NFC tags. Prove authenticity of your products with WHOOSH and capture profits from the secondary market while exposing counterfeit

NFT Auth Certs

Use our API to mint corresponding NFTs to products when a purchase is made. Holders can use WHOOSH to prove authenticity of their product when they go to resell it.

Store Integration

We provide the additional service of building a customized minting site for your business or brand. Leverage our skills to get the most out of NFT technology.